The title says it all. Some people are just born to do that and know how to do it perfectly – to deceive the others taking them all the money they have and putting it in your own wallet.

Through today article we gonna to tell you how a Scorsese film have inspired a worldwide scam industry which is just imitating Jordan Belfort by taking money from naive people. Online trading : this “legalized financial heroine” is today promoted by financial sites all other the World  – FinanceMagnates (English), MoneyOnlineThai (Thai), MeteoFinanza (Italy), (India…) etc…

Brutal way, sad way to reach the top (as they call it). Can you really be happy by stealing the other people money, by selling them the false reality and by telling them exactly what they want to hear.

Yes mam/sir, you are going to be rich if you invest in our society, if you trust your broker. Hm, but this way is not for everyone, but only for those who don’t have problems sleeping at night after all they have done to other individuals.


How a main character became a legend in one of the biggest and amoral world financial scams


Leonardo diCaprio alias Jordan Belfort, the young man who started from nothing and got everything. With his mentor who was able to teach him how to pick up the phone, call every living person and sell them the most miserable things that you can sell. The actions that don’t worth a penny, all in order to make them invest and make them loose. It doesn’t matter if on the other side of the phone you have a rich person, a poor person or a man in a hospital who is lying in the bed and counting his last days. You have to be ruthless, cruel, and you have to have 100 % confidence in yourself and the things you do.

“Act as it! Act as if you’re a wealthy man, rich already, and then you’ll surely become rich. Act as if you have unmatched confidence and then people will surely have confidence in you”

Jordan Belfort



Phone calls that you receive every day hide some pretty frauds

Yes, it happens to me too. The phone rings, and I pick up. The happy and convincing voice from the other side is talking me about investing options, trade markets, stocks… And I don’t understand a thing but the wolf from the other side knows perfectly how to answer to any of my questions, how to reassure my in every single thing. It happens to you too, right?!

Not only phone calls, but mails, letters and aggression from all over. Those young and aggressive voice that promise you that they are going to make you rich just investing some few dollars. You are going to become like them. And they are happy, carefree and they have reached the top. All that is more than illegal. Playing with people and doing those scams is not legal. It’s true that we are all grown enough to decide be ourselves, but those wolves can swallow also the biggest elephant. Come and join them. But is that true? Or they hide a huge and dangerous world of trading that can be good but can bring you to hell as well.

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