According to Slavoj Žižek,

Cinema is the ultimate pervert art with the unique goal to make money from desire.

This man is known to be a controversial public personality and he is Slovenian philosopher, sociologist and cultural critic. His quote about the cinema is something interesting to discuss about. As he says it’s not a problem if our desires are satisfied or not, the problem is that we don’t know what to desire.

The human desires are not natural and the cinema doesn’t give us what we desire but tell us how we need to desire.


So… What about our blog ?

On our blog we will try to discuss this quote and enter the whole human philosophy behind it.

The cinema experience is very powerful and can reach us very easily. In order to understand the reality we have to look inside the cinema itself. Every film has a hidden language and by understanding it we can understand ourselves. The movies and the cinema are the copy of our reality, are the copy of us. Yes, the unique goal of cinema is making money from us but at the same time holding us on a big distance.

Are we manipulated or it’s just our personality reflecting in the nowadays cinema?!