How do internet radio stations earn money?


The answer is: They don’t. Absolutely not those playing music.

They could get revenue with clicks from ads… Giant radio stations like Pandora and Spotify are totally censored due to the heavy duty to pay-per-play royalty fees to artists, whose music they are deploying.

The big players have an enormous amount of developmental bask but they perform their paying duties in a terrible way. Because of that Pandora, after a decade of killing tens of million’s in R&D has asked the for sale and so far having trouble even doing that.

The same could be said for podcasting but it mostly based on talk shows, Podcasting, may provide lives for some, while the cost element is quite little. But when they make real money are rare and they need the audience that can attract through marketing or have the national base to maintain it.

Real, physical radio stations have an about 100-year head start and due to licensing by the FCC must the real lucrative property in mass media But traditional radio has parts that are conceding it to be appropriate in this digital world and still radio is a very helpful way to be herd for a new artist and stay on track for lucrative. Dealing with radio stations and making promotion hold a prominent place in the artists’ life.

It’s curated by professionals who comprehend how to program and stream music and data. Internet radio does allow a case to infinity and more. But that diversity is what restricts any of them from really going financially successful.

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