Never be weak and never give up on you, your dreams, goals and future. Be persistent and be hungry. Be dangerous like a wolf and one day you are going to reach the top. It depends all on your ability and your will. Maybe you have seen the film with Leonardo di Caprio “Wolf of Wall Street” where his hunger for being successful and having a lot of money was so huge that he would be able to sell you one simple pen in occasion when you don’t need it at all.

That is called a great personal strategy and ability that comes through experience and study. A lot of hard work one day can bring you from the bottom of the mountain on the top. From the top you can see the whole world and the stars are much more closer. It seems that you can touch them.


Jungle of investing and of new jobs

“The world of investing can be a jungle. Bulls. Bears. Danger at every turn”

Wolf of Wall Street


The world of investing like diCaprio showed us can be really tough, buying and selling is a huge jungle where everybody wants to take a bigger piece of a pie. Only trained professionals at the beginning will be able to guide you through that incredible and weird financial wild world. You will notice that every person like you wants to get rich, and they want to do it quickly. Everybody wants to deal with his problems by becoming rich. It doesn’t matter if your girlfriend left you, if you are homeless, if you have some serious problems, some people believe that money can fix everything.


You always have to research for your stability, integrity and pride

Money talks, and which is the better way to make it talk then by earning it using your single perfect strategy that goes with it. Moving money from other people’s pockets to your own is also the goal of the film “Wolf of Wall Street”. You have to see only your advantage and think only of yourself.

No other happiness but first of all your own. That is the game, that is the catch. There is nothing beautiful in being poor, and a good job and a lot of luck but also a lot of experience can make you one day become rich and enjoy it as well.

You have to find your own aggressive style, and a job success will come. Swimming in your own huge swimming pool and having a huge house, all the women just for you. Yes sir, that is the money that talks.


Never stop learning

The one of the best ways to come on the top is learning. Studying from the best, from the people that have certain experience and that can teach us a lot of useful strategies and tricks. You should know that everybody starts from the bottom. Every new job you have to start having patience and knowing that one day (if you stay persistent) you should become one of the “important wolves”. Passion made out of simple things. A small fortune is right there behind the corner waiting for you.

“You can watch me, mock me, try to block me, but you cannot stop me”

Wolf of Wall Street


As the film itself says you have to work and study until you no longer have to introduce yourself. People will already know who you are, because your actions and business and financial moves are going to talk by themselves. The only thing that is stopping you to get on the top in this very moment is the voice inside yourself that is telling you to quit. Who knows how to put it aside has already won.


Let’s go to the most important thing – earning some money


Money and financial situation is the most important thing for each one of us. Being able to live your life normally with no problems or difficulties for your future. Waking up in the morning and knowing that you are able to earn some money by making your job perfectly is the most rewarding and pleasant think.

You should have patience and strong will to become a Wolf like Leonardo DiCaprio in the film “Wolf of Wall Street” made it.

“You were born to win, but to be a winner, you must plan to win, prepare to win and expect to win”

Wolf of Wall Street


So all you winners out there, go and get what it’s yours. Go and get the whole world. Lead your finances on the top, be the example for the others and be the teacher for the beginners. Show the world how important you are and go and take that money.

But one more thing at the end. Be careful my friend. All the films look so great, and all the characters seem so happy, but the real life never goes that way. The real life is much more harder and your struggle to get on the top between all those beasts cab become really dangerous. That doesn’t mean that you have to give up on your dreams because of the fear of failure. Let your mind and your soul understands the story of a born winner but prepare to loose as well. No winner is born without losers.

Suzana Mustra



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