Amadeus: classical music and epic confrontetion


The new version of musical genius Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart created by Peter Shaffer describes the resounding competition among Mozart and older Italian composer Antonio Salieri.

The rumor that Salieri disliked Mozart or yet tried to poison him looks to have dawned after Mozart’s death in 1791. Though Salieri suffered Mozart at his funeral and later influenced Mozart’s son, he was soon connected with a nasty indictment that he had made the composer’s end.

The story is given a portion of drama in Peter Shaffer’s version. The movie won eight Academy Awards — and 32 other awards in other competitions, including the Grammys. Amadeus highlights great acts of some of Mozart’s classic compositions, played to perfection by London’s Academy of St. Martin in the Fields chamber orchestra.

The probably epic competition may not have been such epic. Nonetheless, the song they composed together was good. However, a Mozart specialist tells Reuters that the piece is “…short, not great.”
Composers may not have framed against one another in life, but possibly it’s best that they didn’t make more music mutually.

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